Week 3- Bluefish

by Slow Food Cape Cod on May 25, 2017

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As with last week I made an assumption when I received my fish list this week:  Spiny Dogfish, Bonito, Bluefish and White Hake. As I mentioned last week the Cape Cod Fisherman’s Alliance is making a big push in a program called Pier to Plate to highlight “Under-Loved” species, Skate and Dogfish, and to bring them to the markets on the Outer Cape.  As a result I had assumed that I would easily find Dogfish this week.

However, that was not the case.  When I entered Chatham Fish and Lobster this week the fishmonger immediately recognized me as the person who was looking for crab last week and let me know that he had more crab this week.  I let him know this week I was looking for Spiny Dogfish, Bonito, Bluefish or White Hake.  Dogfish wasn’t being landed yet, not until mid-June, but they would be doing a tasting event in June for both Skate and Dogfish (I guess my fish list was just a few weeks too early).

Chatham Fish and Lobster did have locally Chatham Landed Bluefish…….. I was not totally thrilled about the the prospect of Bluefish and I was under the impression that it always has the real fishy oily flavor that I personally am not always a fan of.  As I spoke to the fishmonger I could tell he knew I was not thrilled about bluefish, so suggested that I grab the Lemon Caper marinade that they sold “dredge it in marinade, let it sit for and hour and back it in a Pyrex”.

Once I arrived home I placed the fish into a Pyrex, put  the lemon caper dressing on it and let it sit.  I baked the fish at 350F until it was flaky and took a taste—- No fish taste to be found!!!!

I put the fish over a bed of rice with some fresh from the garden asparagus.  I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected.

I can’t wait to see what week 4 has in stock for me.


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