Week 4- Pollock

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 5, 2017

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This weeks fish list: Spiny Dogfish, Dab, Pollock and Surf Clam

This was the first week that I had a repeat fish on my fish list, I had previously located Dab, and had been unable to locate Dogfish last week as it was not yet in season.  Again I made an assumption this week when I went to the market, I knew that Dogfish was not yet being landed, and thought that maybe I would be able to once again locate Dab.  I had not seen Pollock yet in the market, and although I know surf clams are being landed locally I had not seen them in the market yet.

I had a incredible busy week this week and wasn’t able to swing into my usually fish markets during the week so I started my search on Sunday afternoon.  My first stop was Cape Fish and Lobster in Hyannis, a fully stocked fish market featuring many locally caught products.  Unfortunately, they had nothing I was looking for, while explaining my search and that finding nothing was a success as well I got talking to the fishmongers. “No dogfish was not coming in yet, but would be soon, they did have gallon buckets of surf clam in the back for restaurants to make chowder, and they do have Dab that comes through the store, but usually goes right out to restaurants.”  He ran back to see if there was any Dab left, most had been shipped out, and what was left he didn’t think was good enough to sell me.

On to store number 2.  My second stop was Ring Brothers in Dennis, they have a counter run by Chatham Fish and Lobster with-in the store. No dogfish- No Surf Clam- No Dab, but YES Pollock labeled Locally Caught.  Asking about it the fish monger thought it was landed in Chatham.   Again we got to talking “whats the project? oh how cool? what are you supposed to do?”.  I have been shocked to always find fishmongers who have been interested and want to talk about the product, that makes me happy.

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As we got talking he mentioned that he doesn’t understand why people still come in looking to by Cod for things like tacos when there is delicious locally caught Pollock available.   Tacos—- well that is what got stuck in my mind.  At this point it was Sunday evening and I wanted to make something quick and easy for dinner, tacos sounded like a great idea.

I easily cut the Pollock into nice taco sized pieces, dreaded them in a cornmeal and fried them in a little bit of oil.


Fried up added to a taco with a little homemade Salsa Verde and lettuce was a perfect easy dinner.  The fish was meaty, flaky and delicious.  I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this fish again and am excited to try cooking in a different way if provided the opportunity.


Onward to week 5…..


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