Week 5- Haddock

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 20, 2017

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Week 5-  This weeks list: Haddock, Pollock, Steamers, and Peekytoe Crab.

I purchased haddock this week from Chatham Fish and Lobster again.  This seems to be my go to fish market for locally caught seafood.  This was the first week in many that I actually had an option as to which fish I wanted to purchase.  I knew that I could find locally caught steamers, but I was surprised to see locally caught haddock as well.

I picked haddock because of my familiarity with preparing it, and know that I can make a whole meal out of the haddock.  My only knowledge of preparing steamers is to just steam them and dip them in butter.   I purchased the haddock early in the week with the intention of cooking it that night.  All of a sudden life got in the way and 2 days (Wednesday) later I had not made my fresh haddock yet.  Worried about keeping the fish fresh I quickly googled how could I freeze the fish in case I didn’t get around to eating it until Sunday.  I was shocked, and pleasantly surprised that cold water fish freezes very well for short periods of time with very little preparation.  The article I was reading said that cold water fish freeze better than beef for chicken because they are already living in cold water and are cold blooded animals so freezing does not destroy the tissue or the texture like freezing other meats does.  This made total sense once I thought about it.

Four days later I pulled my haddock out of the freezer defrosted it and threw it on the grill 2 ways.  Half of the fish I just topped with butter and bread crumbs, and half of the fish I topped with a Korean BBQ sauce.  Both were delicious,  I find that I like my fish fairly plain instead of making very complicated recipes.  I like to see my fish and taste my fish instead of mixing it into a recipe.  Maybe if I were to have haddock again on my list I would try a more intricate dish, but the first time I try a fish from the list I just want to eat the fish.

I didn’t get any good pictures this week, so here is a picture of Captain Haddock

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On to week 6…..

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