Week 6 – Dab

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 20, 2017

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This weeks list: Striped Bass, Dab, Scup, Red Hake

This week presented an interesting debate in my mind in terms of eating with the ecosystem.  When I got my fish list this week my first thought was “oh awesome stripped bass”, followed closely by “oh wait its not in season yet”, which was followed up with “I hope I don’t find this in the store this week”.

This was the first week that there was a certain fish that I actually hoped I did not find in the store.  In the state of Massachusetts commercial stripped bass season does not open until June 26th, and as I found out from asking around, it is actually illegal for fish markets to have stripped bass on the counter in Mass before that date.

I did have the opportunity to score some scup from the local weir fishermen, but I literary and figuratively missed the boat on that opportunity.   My first stop after that looking for fish was my trusty Chatham Fish and Lobster, this week however I struck out.  My next stop was Cape Tip Seafood in Orleans, where I had been once before and purcased Dab.  I figured I had a good chance again to find Dab there.  The fishmonger remembered me and asked what odd product I was after this week.  She did have Dab again so I grabbed some.  She loved the concept of the project and said she has told many people about it.

This week when I took the Dab home I figured that I would utilize it an some of the local produce that I am getting in my CSA to make a completely local dinner.   Eating with the Ecosystem to the max.  I sauteed up: asparagus, swiss chard, bok choy, and garlic scapes.  I added the fish and put the greens on top to seal in the moisture as the fish cooked.  I added a side salad of local greens and some local beer and had myself a dinner created completely on Cape Cod.

Everything was fresh and local and tasted delicious.  Dab is such a delicate fish you don’t want to do to much to it or it will fall apart.  But it is definitely an easy white fish to work with and provides lots of opportunities for meals.   I can’t wait until next week.

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