Week 7- Tuna

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 29, 2017

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This weeks fish list: Spiny Dogfish, Tuna, Peekytoe Crab, and Sea Robin.


I was excited to have Tuna this week– again it was the only fish they had when I went to Chatham Fish and Lobster.  It was caught locally, but the fishmonger wasn’t sure if it was Chatham or Rhode Island.

I bought a Tuna Steak and brought it home, with the plan on grilling it.  I decided to grill it with a wasabi paste and top it over a Caesar salad.  It was delicious, the fish was flaky, meaty and very flavorful.  I was even lucky enough to have a little left over that I mixed up into a tuna salad for my lunch the next day.  One of the very few fish that I would eat on the second day after cooking.

I was also lucky enough later in the week to enjoy some Tuna Sushi right of the boat in Chatham and so fresh it was almost still swimming.   I know that Tuna is one of those fish that is on Seafood Watch Green/ Yellow/ and Red list depending on where it is caught and how it is caught.  I believe the fish I was eating is on the green side as it was caught with a long line.


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