Week 8 – Yellowtail Flounder

by Slow Food Cape Cod on July 7, 2017

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This weeks list: Spot/ Yellowtail Flounder/ Surf Clam/ Acadia Redfish

For the 2nd or 3rd time I have gone to the fish counter and bought the fish that was under the tag “Flounder”  each time I have bought a different fish, and each time the taste and texture have been slightly different.  Yellowtail was slightly more firm than the Dab I had bought previously and held up on the grill a lot better than I believe Dab would have.

I thought this was an good summary from Great Eastern Seafood, although brought me a little bit of confusion about the Dab I have bought in the past.

There are two flounder families: the right-eyed Pleuronectidae family and the left-eyed Bothidae family. The flounder family is large subclass of saltwater fish, made up of many species of fish. In the United States, East Coast varieties include Gray Sole (also called Witch Flounder), Winter Flounder (also called Blackback or Lemon Sole), American Plaice (also called Dab or Sand Dab), Yellowtail Flounder (also called Dab or Rusty Flounder), Summer Flounder (also called Fluke), and Southern Flounder. West Coast varieties include Petrale Sole, Sand Sole, English Sole, Rex Sole, Pacific Sand Dab, Dover Sole, and California Flounder. 

One of the things I am enjoying about this project is getting to taste and explore a lot of different fishes, but also not having to make really fancy recipes with each one.  Although, I love to cook, this week time was at a premium and just being able to quickly make a meal with fish by throwing it on the grill and making a fish taco was perfect for me.  When I have a little time I will make a more detailed recipe, but for the time being I love visiting the markets, talking to the fishmongers and tasting the different fish.

I’m hoping that now the season is here, maybe I’ll get: dogfish, skate, or stripped bass again next week…

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