QSR Magazine Report Recap of 2009

by Slow Food Cape Cod on February 1, 2010

The following are meal prep related facts that we thought worth sharing. This data came from an annual survey provided in the December issue of QSR Magazine (Quick Service Restaurants).

QSR has a great blog and also provides an e-newsletter which is at no cost to subscribe to:

• 60% of adults are more likely to dine at a restaurant offering food grown organically or in an environmentally friendly way. 68% of adults believe that restaurants offer tastes that cannot be duplicated at home.

• The average child consumes 770 calories when dining out, but only 420 calories when eating at home. 16% of all US children aged 6-19 are overweight or obese. This number is 3x as high as it was 20 years ago. The childhood obesity rate is the lowest in Colorado and highest in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

• The average child under 18 eats out 167 times per year. In 31% of cases, the kids choose where the family goes out for dinner. In 89% of the cases kids have some influence on the restaurant choices made by families.

• 27% of adults have searched online for nutritional information for a particular restaurant. This is up from 24% two years ago. 
Hat Trick to SFCC Member  MaryLynnKiley 

Posted  By: Mary DeBartolo – Slow Food Cape Cod Convivium Leader


Joel Salatin, to Speak at APCC

by Slow Food Cape Cod on September 15, 2009

Joel Salatin,  America’s most influential farmer, is the guest speaker at the Association to Preserve Cape Cod’s 2009 Annual meeting! Tickets are free for members of the Association and $20.00 for non-members. Joel Salatin came on my radar when I read Michael Pollan’s book “Omnivore’s Dilemma”. In the book, Michael Pollan wanted to purchase meat products from the farm and have them shipped. He soon found out the only way to get  local food was to be in the area, since Joel did not ship product. This ended up with a trip to the farm, and a very engaging introduction to Joel’s farming methods. The book opened my eyes to farming and how important it is to know where/how our food is produced. I am SO, SO excited to hear him speak, he is the author of several books, the latest being “Everything I Want to Do is Illegal“.


Where: Tiden Performing Arts Center, Cape Cod Community College Route 132, Hyannis

When: Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time: 5:00 to 6:00 Business Meeting  / 6:00 PM Joel Salatin Presents

Cost: $20.00 non members, free for members (I was able to join the association for $40 and this included 2 tickets, so I strongly suggest we show our support of preserving Cape Cod and join as members)

RSVP: To get tickets online go to (prefered), or call 508-362-4226

Hat Tip: Julie Winslow, Cape Coastal Farm

Blog: Mary DeBartolo – Slow Food Cape Cod Convivium Leader



Label Rouge Chicken CSA

by Slow Food Cape Cod on August 16, 2009

Ocean Song Farm is offering a CSA (community supported agrigculture) for Label Rouge Chicken. At our Slow Food BBQ in July we had the opportunity to taste the differnece of farm raised chicken (so good). Ocean Song Farm is setting up a CSA and raising 100 more birds. These will be ready November 1st. They will be frozen and vacuum seal/crovec and available for pick up at the farm.  Slow Food Cape Cod  raised funds to support this family farm and bought a chest freezer to assist in their endeavor to raise chicken.  To join the Chicken CSA send a $5.00 (non-refundable deposit) to the farm, this holds the order until the chicken is ready, and will be subtracted from the total upon delivery. Payment by check, cash or paypal. 234 Mayfair Road South Dennis, MA 02660Contact the farm for paypal details  Minimum three- per family, we expect them to sell out quickly, so send the check asap. Posted by Mary DeBartolo, Slow Food Convivium Leader


Join us for our “Beef and Beer” celebration to kick off the summer season.

The subject matter is grass fed beef and the questions are: Where can you buy it on the Cape (?),  How does it taste (?), What is the big deal about it (?), and of course, the very important question, once it becomes a grilled juicy burger , what can you possibly pair it with (?)….
If these questions have been causing you to lose sleep, (or like me, to stop eating burgers) we have the answers. We are providing a taste and tour of all flavors of Cape Cod Beer and a smattering of sliders and Cape Cod Porter braised short ribs, from Northeast Family Farms.
Each hour we will be providing tours of the expanded digs at Cape Cod Beer (we are talking 5,000 square feet of space!). Todd Marcus, head brewmaster along with his wife Beth, have created an amazing business devoted to making local artisan beer. With a couple of gold medals from GIBC under their belt, for their Cape Cod Red (American Amber) and Dunkel Weizen (wheat beer) the tasting is sure to please.
We are also setting up a grill,  which will be tended to by Dole and Bailey’s Northeast Family Farms (NEFF).  This is our opportunity to  be educated about one of the finest meat products around New England. Dole and Bailey and NEFF has created a supply chain to connect the local farmer to the chef and markets that desire their products. All the cattle is grass-fed with a strict set of protocols to be raised slowly without the use of hormones and feed grade antibiotics. The result is an authentic, artisan food.
Date: Saturday, May 30th
Location: Cape Cod Beer
                1336 Phinney’s Lane
                Hyannis, MA
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM  (tours every hour)
Cost: $13.00 adult and $8.00 per child
(Alternative refreshments will also be available)
Every hour on the hour, a representative will offer a tour of Cape Cod Beer and representatives from Northeast Family Farms be on hand to answer all product information. 
Stop by for 10 minutes for tasters and nibbles or come and BBQ with us for the afternoon.  We look forward to kicking off the season with Cape Cod Beer and learning more about NEFF.
Posted by: Mary DeBartolo – Slow Food Cape Cod Convivium Leader


Locavore iPhone Application – Check this Out –

by Slow Food Cape Cod on April 9, 2009

O.K. now I have seen it all – there is an iPhone application called Locavore by Buster McLeod. Just download to your iPhone and it will show you the food that is in season near you. Interested in eating the tastiest, healthiest food while also being good to the environment –  the information can now be at your fingertips – ie your iPhone. Find out what is in season, what is coming into season, local farmers markets, browse fruit/veggie category to see what is growing where, get recipes…. Now I have a good reason to throw my Blackberry overboard….. 

Hat Tip to Mark Buensalido

Post By Mary DeBartolo Slow Food Cape Cod Leader