Week 10- Pollock

by Slow Food Cape Cod on July 20, 2017

Atlantic pollock

A snail, a crab, a shellfish and a fish walked into a bar……

This weeks fish: Periwinkles, Peekytoe Crab, Surf Clams, and Pollock.

I almost struck out this week again, I knew I would not have any luck with periwinkles or surf clams, even though these are products that I could just go harvest out of the water easily (periwinkle) or I can watch the commercial harvesters harvest (surf clams).  There is no harvesting of periwinkles happening and although there is a lot of harvesting of surf clams happening I believe the product gets processed and sent to restaurant.

Not knowing very much about the Peekytoe crab I had to do a little research and see where it differed from other kinds of crabs.  I found an interesting article in the NYT about the Maine Peekytoe crab industry.  It is an older article, but was still a very interesting read.

I did find crab legs at the 2nd market I went to, (the first market just shock his head at all 4) and after asking 4 or 5 other employees what kind of crab it was I finally got the answer of Jonas Crab.  I thought I would strike out again this week.

Eventually I went to Whole Foods in Hyannis, they actually had a beautiful seafood display.  Not all of it was local, but it was the first counter I had seen with whole fish.  Most of the fish had tags on it with wild vs farmed and location.  They had pollock on display but no information about it.  After asking the fishmonger, he had to check the package in the back of the store, he told me it was landed in New England, but didn’t know any more than that.

I purchased the fish from Whole Foods, it was good and tasted good, but I believe it was a little drier than other fish I had purchased as maybe it was a little older.

I will continue to check Whole Foods if I find myself in Hyannis looking for fish.

I am headed out to Slow Food Nations this weekend and looking forward to having some Slow Fish conversations with fishermen and activists from across the country.




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