Week 9-

by Slow Food Cape Cod on July 10, 2017

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This week was a strikeout- my first one!!!

My fish this week- Razor Clams, Tilefish, Mahi Mahi, Pollock

This was an interesting week as it was the first week I struck out. Two of my fish (mahi-mahi and tilefish) I figured I wouldn’t find as they are not landed locally. Pollock I had previously located, and was given a hint by one fishmonger that if I went back to the same store I previously got it at I would find it again. But I didn’t think that was the point.

Razor Clams were interesting, I knew they were not in most markets, but are being harvested locally. This is the purpose of this project, a fish I could go catch, or watch being harvested off my shore, but can’t buy in the market.  I know a number of fishermen who are targeting razor clams and getting a very good price for them.  They just haven’t become a common item yet for people to eat, so they just have not made it to the general fish market shelves.  I had a really nice chat with one of the fishmongers who said “it’s just not worth me buying them, they shelf life isn’t there and people won’t buy them, I’d have to buy a bushel and would only sell 3lb”.  He told me I could go down the street to “China Joe’s” and he might have razor clams because he often carries odd products, but then he followed it up with, “but I wouldn’t buy anything there for eat anything from there”  I decided to skip.  He also told me he would never carry mahi-mahi or tilefish because they are not caught locally and when people come into his store they want what’s caught locally. Sometimes he would carry Pollock, because it’s a cheap fish, but not caught on cape.

The last market I went into again had nothing on display, when I mentioned I was looking for razor clams the reply was “well you could go around back and knock on the back door, there might be some back there”.  Again I took a pass.

I have had razor clams in the past that were harvested by recreational harvesters, and I know of some restaurants that are highlight them.  They were very tasty the last time I had them and I was looking forward to attempting to prepare some myself.


….  Better luck next week



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