Week 11 – Sea Scallops

by Slow Food Cape Cod on August 9, 2017

Sea Scallops, Monkfish, Dogfish, or Whiting

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This is not so much a story about the Sea Scallops that I did find and buy, but of the Monkfish and Dogfish that I didn’t find.
I fully expected that this week I would have to make a decision as to what fish to purchase for the first time in a long time. Cape Cod Fisherman’s Alliance has put a huge push on this summer in a program called “Pier to Plate”. Pier to plate is encouraging people to eat local underutilized species of fish, specifically Dogfish and Skate.
Chatham Fish and Lobster was one of the original sponsors of Pier to Plate and in early June did a big kick off and dogfish tasting at the fish market.
When I asked about Monkfish and Dogfish at the market I was told they didn’t have either of them; they usually have Monkfish but were out, and they don’t carry dogfish at the fish counter since “it comes off the boat frozen and they use it next door for fried fish”.

On Sunday at the Brewster farmers market the Fishermen’s Alliance had a booth set up highlighting Skate and Dogfish as the underutilized species. Unfortunately they have noticed that a lot of the fish markets that originally signed on to highlight dogfish and skate are starting to not carry it anymore. A lot of the restaurants are not serving them either. The markets found that they were too hard to skin and the fish had an bad smell so people were not buying it.
It was interesting to talk to the alliance about their project to highlight underutilized fish.



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