Eat like a Fish

Week 8 – Yellowtail Flounder

by Slow Food Cape Cod on July 7, 2017

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This weeks list: Spot/ Yellowtail Flounder/ Surf Clam/ Acadia Redfish

For the 2nd or 3rd time I have gone to the fish counter and bought the fish that was under the tag “Flounder”  each time I have bought a different fish, and each time the taste and texture have been slightly different.  Yellowtail was slightly more firm than the Dab I had bought previously and held up on the grill a lot better than I believe Dab would have.

I thought this was an good summary from Great Eastern Seafood, although brought me a little bit of confusion about the Dab I have bought in the past.

There are two flounder families: the right-eyed Pleuronectidae family and the left-eyed Bothidae family. The flounder family is large subclass of saltwater fish, made up of many species of fish. In the United States, East Coast varieties include Gray Sole (also called Witch Flounder), Winter Flounder (also called Blackback or Lemon Sole), American Plaice (also called Dab or Sand Dab), Yellowtail Flounder (also called Dab or Rusty Flounder), Summer Flounder (also called Fluke), and Southern Flounder. West Coast varieties include Petrale Sole, Sand Sole, English Sole, Rex Sole, Pacific Sand Dab, Dover Sole, and California Flounder. 

One of the things I am enjoying about this project is getting to taste and explore a lot of different fishes, but also not having to make really fancy recipes with each one.  Although, I love to cook, this week time was at a premium and just being able to quickly make a meal with fish by throwing it on the grill and making a fish taco was perfect for me.  When I have a little time I will make a more detailed recipe, but for the time being I love visiting the markets, talking to the fishmongers and tasting the different fish.

I’m hoping that now the season is here, maybe I’ll get: dogfish, skate, or stripped bass again next week…


Week 7- Tuna

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 29, 2017

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This weeks fish list: Spiny Dogfish, Tuna, Peekytoe Crab, and Sea Robin.


I was excited to have Tuna this week– again it was the only fish they had when I went to Chatham Fish and Lobster.  It was caught locally, but the fishmonger wasn’t sure if it was Chatham or Rhode Island.

I bought a Tuna Steak and brought it home, with the plan on grilling it.  I decided to grill it with a wasabi paste and top it over a Caesar salad.  It was delicious, the fish was flaky, meaty and very flavorful.  I was even lucky enough to have a little left over that I mixed up into a tuna salad for my lunch the next day.  One of the very few fish that I would eat on the second day after cooking.

I was also lucky enough later in the week to enjoy some Tuna Sushi right of the boat in Chatham and so fresh it was almost still swimming.   I know that Tuna is one of those fish that is on Seafood Watch Green/ Yellow/ and Red list depending on where it is caught and how it is caught.  I believe the fish I was eating is on the green side as it was caught with a long line.


Until next week….




Week 6 – Dab

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 20, 2017

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This weeks list: Striped Bass, Dab, Scup, Red Hake

This week presented an interesting debate in my mind in terms of eating with the ecosystem.  When I got my fish list this week my first thought was “oh awesome stripped bass”, followed closely by “oh wait its not in season yet”, which was followed up with “I hope I don’t find this in the store this week”.

This was the first week that there was a certain fish that I actually hoped I did not find in the store.  In the state of Massachusetts commercial stripped bass season does not open until June 26th, and as I found out from asking around, it is actually illegal for fish markets to have stripped bass on the counter in Mass before that date.

I did have the opportunity to score some scup from the local weir fishermen, but I literary and figuratively missed the boat on that opportunity.   My first stop after that looking for fish was my trusty Chatham Fish and Lobster, this week however I struck out.  My next stop was Cape Tip Seafood in Orleans, where I had been once before and purcased Dab.  I figured I had a good chance again to find Dab there.  The fishmonger remembered me and asked what odd product I was after this week.  She did have Dab again so I grabbed some.  She loved the concept of the project and said she has told many people about it.

This week when I took the Dab home I figured that I would utilize it an some of the local produce that I am getting in my CSA to make a completely local dinner.   Eating with the Ecosystem to the max.  I sauteed up: asparagus, swiss chard, bok choy, and garlic scapes.  I added the fish and put the greens on top to seal in the moisture as the fish cooked.  I added a side salad of local greens and some local beer and had myself a dinner created completely on Cape Cod.

Everything was fresh and local and tasted delicious.  Dab is such a delicate fish you don’t want to do to much to it or it will fall apart.  But it is definitely an easy white fish to work with and provides lots of opportunities for meals.   I can’t wait until next week.


Week 5- Haddock

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 20, 2017

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Week 5-  This weeks list: Haddock, Pollock, Steamers, and Peekytoe Crab.

I purchased haddock this week from Chatham Fish and Lobster again.  This seems to be my go to fish market for locally caught seafood.  This was the first week in many that I actually had an option as to which fish I wanted to purchase.  I knew that I could find locally caught steamers, but I was surprised to see locally caught haddock as well.

I picked haddock because of my familiarity with preparing it, and know that I can make a whole meal out of the haddock.  My only knowledge of preparing steamers is to just steam them and dip them in butter.   I purchased the haddock early in the week with the intention of cooking it that night.  All of a sudden life got in the way and 2 days (Wednesday) later I had not made my fresh haddock yet.  Worried about keeping the fish fresh I quickly googled how could I freeze the fish in case I didn’t get around to eating it until Sunday.  I was shocked, and pleasantly surprised that cold water fish freezes very well for short periods of time with very little preparation.  The article I was reading said that cold water fish freeze better than beef for chicken because they are already living in cold water and are cold blooded animals so freezing does not destroy the tissue or the texture like freezing other meats does.  This made total sense once I thought about it.

Four days later I pulled my haddock out of the freezer defrosted it and threw it on the grill 2 ways.  Half of the fish I just topped with butter and bread crumbs, and half of the fish I topped with a Korean BBQ sauce.  Both were delicious,  I find that I like my fish fairly plain instead of making very complicated recipes.  I like to see my fish and taste my fish instead of mixing it into a recipe.  Maybe if I were to have haddock again on my list I would try a more intricate dish, but the first time I try a fish from the list I just want to eat the fish.

I didn’t get any good pictures this week, so here is a picture of Captain Haddock

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On to week 6…..


Week 4- Pollock

by Slow Food Cape Cod on June 5, 2017

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This weeks fish list: Spiny Dogfish, Dab, Pollock and Surf Clam

This was the first week that I had a repeat fish on my fish list, I had previously located Dab, and had been unable to locate Dogfish last week as it was not yet in season.  Again I made an assumption this week when I went to the market, I knew that Dogfish was not yet being landed, and thought that maybe I would be able to once again locate Dab.  I had not seen Pollock yet in the market, and although I know surf clams are being landed locally I had not seen them in the market yet.

I had a incredible busy week this week and wasn’t able to swing into my usually fish markets during the week so I started my search on Sunday afternoon.  My first stop was Cape Fish and Lobster in Hyannis, a fully stocked fish market featuring many locally caught products.  Unfortunately, they had nothing I was looking for, while explaining my search and that finding nothing was a success as well I got talking to the fishmongers. “No dogfish was not coming in yet, but would be soon, they did have gallon buckets of surf clam in the back for restaurants to make chowder, and they do have Dab that comes through the store, but usually goes right out to restaurants.”  He ran back to see if there was any Dab left, most had been shipped out, and what was left he didn’t think was good enough to sell me.

On to store number 2.  My second stop was Ring Brothers in Dennis, they have a counter run by Chatham Fish and Lobster with-in the store. No dogfish- No Surf Clam- No Dab, but YES Pollock labeled Locally Caught.  Asking about it the fish monger thought it was landed in Chatham.   Again we got to talking “whats the project? oh how cool? what are you supposed to do?”.  I have been shocked to always find fishmongers who have been interested and want to talk about the product, that makes me happy.

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*Not my picture*

As we got talking he mentioned that he doesn’t understand why people still come in looking to by Cod for things like tacos when there is delicious locally caught Pollock available.   Tacos—- well that is what got stuck in my mind.  At this point it was Sunday evening and I wanted to make something quick and easy for dinner, tacos sounded like a great idea.

I easily cut the Pollock into nice taco sized pieces, dreaded them in a cornmeal and fried them in a little bit of oil.


Fried up added to a taco with a little homemade Salsa Verde and lettuce was a perfect easy dinner.  The fish was meaty, flaky and delicious.  I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this fish again and am excited to try cooking in a different way if provided the opportunity.


Onward to week 5…..